Kesari 35th Day Box Office Collection Reports

Kesari 35th Day Box Office Collection

As Akshay Kumar's Kesari has done a good business in domestic box office as well as in worldwide too. The movie has also become the first movie to cross 100 crore mark of 2019. The movie has good reviews from audience and from movie watcher.

Because of IPL season the movie has been affected on its collection in domestic but also manage to cross 150 crore mark on in India. This is the second  movie o Akshay Kumar after 2.0 which has manage to cross 150 margin. Here is the collection of movie Kesari:-

Keasri Day Wise Collection

 Kesari Day 1 Box Office Collection-25.25 crore

 Kesari Day 2 Box Office Collection-13.20 crore

 Kesari Day 3 Box Office Collection-18.75 crore

 Kesari Day 4 Box Office Collection-21.06 crore

 Kesari Day 5 Box Office Collection-8.25 crore

 Kesari Day 6 Box Office Collection-7.17 crore

 Kesari Day 7 Box Office Collection-6.52 crore

 Kesari Day 8 Box Office Collection-5.81 crore

 Kesari Day 9 Box Office Collection-4.45 crore

 Kesari Day 10 Box Office Collection-6.45 crore

 Kesari Day 11 Box Office Collection-8.25 crore

 Kesari Day 12 Box Office Collection-5.50 crore

 Kesari Day 13 Box Office Collection-4.41 crore

 Kesari Day 14 Box Office Collection-3.41 crore

 Kesari Day 15 Box Office Collection-2.04 crore

 Kesari Day 16 Box Office Collection-2.01 crore

 Kesari Day 17 Box Office Collection-2.25 crore

 Kesari Day 18 Box Office Collection-3.23 crore

 Kesari Day 19 Box Office Collection-2.21 crore

 Kesari Day 20 Box Office Collection-1.67 crore

 Kesari Day 21 Box Office Collection-1.47 crore

 Kesari Day 22 Box Office Collection-1.07 crore

 Kesari Day 23 Box Office Collection-1.01 crore

 Kesari Day 24 Box Office Collection-1.30 crore

 Kesari Day 25 Box Office Collection-1.10 crore

 Kesari Day 26 Box Office Collection-0.65 crore

 Kesari Day 27 Box Office Collection-0.55 crore

 Kesari Day 28 Box Office Collection-0.35 crore

 Kesari Day 29 Box Office Collection-0.20 crore

 Kesari Day 30 Box Office Collection-0.24 crore

 Kesari Day 31 Box Office Collection-0.50 crore

 Kesari Day 32 Box Office Collection-0.60 crore

Kesari Day 33 Box Office Collection-0.35 crore

Kesari Day 34 Box Office Collection-0.20 crore

Kesari Day 35 Box Office Collection-0.15 crore

Kesari Total collection - 154.70 crore

 The movie manage to collect 0.15 crore on its 35th day collection and stands with the total collection of 154.50 crore.
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